Addons are extensions to Dotiac::DTL, they can be used by installing them and writing

{% load addonname %}

into the template, they extend the templates with some functions

List of Addons

Here is an incomplete list of the known addons, most can be installed the same way as Dotiac::DTL, click on their name to go to the homepage


Makes all variables case-insensitive, i.e.: {{ Data.Foo }} == {{ dATa.fOO }} == ...

Version: 0.4, Author: Marc Lucksch


Gives Dotiac::DTL the ability to read and convert HTML::Template templates.
It even can work with template of mixed Django and HTML::Template code.

Version: 0.4, Author: Marc Lucksch


Adds a different loop tag, that imports/replace the loop variables into the namespace. Build after HTML::Template's TMPL_LOOP

Version: 0.2, Author: Marc Lucksch


Provides some json filters, to render any data in a value to JSON. This is quite useful for larger Javascript/AJAJ projects.

Version: 0.1, Author: Marc Lucksch


Almost the same as Dotiac::DTL::Addon::json
but modeled after

Version: 0.1, Author: Marc Lucksch


Like the original django.contrib.markup.
Provides filters for Markdown, Textile and ReST (ReStructured Text).

Version: 0.2, Author: Marc Lucksch


Provides the {% unparsed %} tag, which just returns it contents, this is very useful for 2 stage templating or documentation of Django Templates

Version: 0.2, Author: Marc Lucksch

Inclusion in this list

If you want your addon included in the list, please post a request in the froums or to the maillinglist.